Delete an Agent

Deleting an Agent is a simple process. Kill the pods and delete an Agent from the remote VPC and then delete them from ISD interface. With this you are deleting an agent from the customers remote private network & also deleting its entries from ISD.

  1. To delete an Agent, click on the three dots at the end of the row of the Agent entry in the below table and click "Delete".

2. After clicking on delete, a confirmation dialog box appears to get your confirmation on the delete operations. Click on "Yes, delete It!" as shown in the below image.

Deleting an agent from OES instance doesn’t delete the agent pod from the remote VPC. This means, even if you remove an agent entry from the OES UI, the agent software is running actively and service OES actions.

For some reason if the customer accidently deleted an existing Agent from the remote VPC, they can do one of the following.

  1. Download the manifest of the existing again and install it on the remote VPC to have Agent up & running.

  2. Create a new Agent manifest & install it as a new Agent in the remote VPC.

In either of the cases, the agent configurations would have to be recreated. Hence it is always advisable to take a periodic backup of Agent configurations.

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