OES 3.7.X Release Notes
This Version is deprecated
The below versions are deprecated.

  • Application Service View - The Application service view gives a detailed view of the deployments of the application, services, and its pipelines by providing the following:
    • Details of the environments in which the services are deployed.
    • The number of deployments for the application.
    • Details of the Current deployment and deployment history.
    • A detailed view of the different data sources and gates is provided.
    • The status of the deployment as success and failure.
    • Self service data integration by the user appears in a separate tab in addition to the inbuild connectors.
    • The status of policy gates is also shown.
  • Traceability Module - Traceability provides an enhanced audit trail of a particular pipeline by showing the following details:
    • The application of the pipeline.
    • The services deployed by the pipeline.
    • The deployment start time and end time of the pipeline.
    • The status of the pipeline.
  • Contextual clustering - Contextual clustering enhances the diagnosis by providing the following:
    • A view of the error log and its surrounding log lines.
    • Automated grouping of error patterns based on the patterns of logs seen around the error (as the same error can occur in different contexts).
    • Stores the previously seen error patterns along with its metadata (tags and comments that a user may want to assign to that error pattern) for easier diagnostics in future runs.
  • Vault for Secrets Management - All secrets configured in OES and Spinnaker are stored securely in the internal Vault.
  • HCL AppScan integration is available as part of the Approval gate.
  • Policy gates can now be added to a Spinnaker pipeline from the OES application setup page.
  • Artifactory and BitBucket Spinnaker integrations can now be configured from OES UI.

  • Remote Agent
    • Remote Jenkins supported via an agent - Jenkins in a remote cluster is accessible via the agent. Previously the remote agent feature supported remote Kubernetes clusters.
    • Kubernetes as a cloud provider is auto-discovered in 3.7 Setup now includes a separate agent management tab to create new agents and for status information.
  • Info-cluster scoring -The Info-cluster scoring is improved by marking the ‘Info’ clusters as ‘Blue’ and having a score reduction of any type greater than zero. These info clusters will be displayed in the ‘Unexpected’, rest of the clusters will appear in the ‘Ignored’ tab under the ‘Ignore’ type. It comes with the following options:
    • The ‘Log Provider’ section comes with a toggle button to turn on and off the INFO scoring feature.
    • ‘Info’ field added in the ‘Characterization Topic’ drop down under the ‘Log Topic’ tab if the toggle button is turned on.
    • After a run is completed with the INFO scoring feature turned on UI shall display the ‘Info’ cluster having a score reduction greater than zero in the unexpected tab.
  • Datadog: Verification feature can now ingest log data from Datadog in addition to previous support Datadog metrics.

  • The serviceName parameter is missing for the stitched pipeline.
  • Test verification - Not showing loading status when we click on the test verification page.
  • App-sync from Spinnaker not working.
  • When adding a GCP cloud provider account in OES it doesn't appear in the Dynamic Accounts repo.
  • OnPrem version of AppDynamics needs to work with 'HTTP'.
  • OES is not pushing the encrypted credentials to GIT.
  • UI-integrators-some of the input fields while updating the account is enabled. They should be disabled.
  • While loading the deployment verification page all the applications are fetched at once, hence, resulting in more loading time.

  • In deployment view, there is no option to check the last 1 day / 7 days or 1-month deployments.
  • When adding a new gate, the drop-down field of “Existing Gates” should not appear when the user clicks the “Add New Gate” button.

  • While creating a new gate the "Existing Gates" option should not be shown.

  • In deployment view, there is no option to check the last 1 day / 7 days or 1-month deployments.
  • When adding a new gate, the drop-down field of “Existing Gates” should not appear when the user clicks the “Add New Gate” button.
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