Create Application

The following procedure creates a new Application. Once you are done, you can add components to the Application and deploy them.

  1. After login into the Argo CD applications Dashboard, Click on “+NEW APP” button.

  2. A new pop-up window will appear to provide attributes as shown in the below image.

  3. Enter the application attributes as described below on the above screen, then click "Create".

    • Application Name: A unique name to identify this application

    • Project Name: Name of the project this application belongs to

    • Sync Policy:

      • If you select Manual, you should sync the applications using the sync option for every change in the git repo.

      • If you select Automatic, the application will be synced automatically after you commit changes to the git repo.

    • Set Deletion Finalizer: If Checked, the resources deletion finalizer will be set on the application. Potentially destructive. For more information on Deletion Finalizer refer here.

    • Repository URL: Source Repository URL

    • Revision: Particular revision of the Repository.

    • Path: Folder inside the Repository.

    • Cluster URL: URL of the Kubernetes cluster where you are going to deploy the application.

    • Namespace: Kubernetes Namespace.

Your application has been created successfully.

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