Steps to Setup Wercker for Spinnaker

  • This is a tool that empowers organizations and their development teams to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) goals with micro-services and Docker.

  • Using Wercker as a CI system, can enable within Spinnaker as a pipeline trigger and also as a pipeline stage.


  • To enable Wercker integration in Spinnaker, you will need to have:

    1. A login to Wercker, which can be set up here.

    2. A Wercker “personal token” to provide to Spinnaker so that it can access the Wercker API on your behalf. Personal tokens can be generated on Wercker by logging in andvisiting your “Settings” page.

Enable Wercker Master to Spinnaker using Halyard:

  • Without “master” it’s not possible for connectivity between Wercker and Spinnaker. This also consists of Wercker URL and credentials

    1.Ensure to have Wercker CI is enabled on Spinnaker, by executing the below command

        hal config ci wercker enable

    2.Execute the below command to enable Stage feature on Wercker

        hal config features edit --wercker true

    3.For connection between Wercker and Spinnaker, add a Wercker master

        hal config ci wercker master add mywercker1
        --address https://app.wercker.com/
        --user myuserid

    4.To Invoke above changes, re-deploy Spinnaker

        hal deploy apply

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