View and Restore Pipeline

Viewing and Restoring Pipeline Versions

Whenever you make a change and save the pipeline, a new version is created and added to the version history. You can view the version history and if necessary, restore an older version.

Note: Version history is not supported in Minio or Redis storage devices.

Follow the steps below to view and restore the versions:

  1. Click "Pipelines" tab and "Select the application" for which you want to edit the pipeline and then Click "Configure" to modify a pipeline as shown below.

2. Click the "Pipeline Actions" from drop-down and select "View Revision History".

3. A window appears, displaying the current version's JSON representation. Click the Revision from drop-down to see the older versions as shown below.

4. If you want to compare to any version, select the compare to from drop-down menu as shown below.

5. A button appears after you select a version from the Revision drop-down menu. Click the Restore this version button to restore that particular version as shown below.

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