Configure Caching Agents

Caching agents in Spinnaker

Learn how to configure caching agents in Spinnaker™ to improve Clouddriver performance. Refer the Clouddriver Caching Agents on the Spinnaker page for detailed content on caching agents.

How does Spinnaker discover and caches infrastructure elements?

Depending on the size and complexity of your infrastructure, you may need to increase Clouddriver's CPU and memory limits, increase the number of running Clouddriver instances, or both.

The following configuration settings affect the behavior of the caching agents and can be used to adjust them depending on the size of the infrastructure being cached. If using the Spinnaker Operator, these settings are available under the key .spec.spinnakerConfig.profiles.clouddriver of SpinnakerService manifest. If using Halyard, they available in .hal//profiles/clouddriver-local.yml.

SQL global caching agents configuration

See the Configure Clouddriver to use a SQL Database page for how to configure Clouddriver.

Redis global caching agents configuration

Issues to consider:

  • Some agents may not run in some versions of Spinnaker when using the SQL scheduler, which is a known issue.

  • The max-concurrent-agents setting is directly related to how much CPU and Clouddriver memory requires to cache infrastructure. Higher values make each replica consume more resources. Higher values also make it possible for Clouddriver to reduce the time spent caching all infrastructure.

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