Usage Insights

Usage Insights dashboard provides insights around the usage of ISD product usage. This dashboard is useful primarily for manager, DevOps & system administrator, as this insights dashboard, since it provides an overall information about the ISD system usage, viz., Application count, Pipeline count, Gates count, User count etc.

Note: Users can only see permitted application data on the delivery insights dashboard.

To access Usage Insights, from the navigation menu click on Dashboard, then click on Insights and select Usage Insights.

Usage Insights page provides various usage insights for the managers & administrators around application usage, pipeline usage, gates usage & users of the ISD system. These insights are provided in the graphical format and all these graphs are time bound, i.e., data is depicted in a time range.

You can change the time duration for the data is presented by changing the timeline in the dropdown at the upper right corner of the graph. The default is last 7 days but you can change it to last 1 day, last one month or last 6 months.

Following are the different insights provided:

Application Insights:

The graph depicts two key metrics, the total applications in the system and the 'active' applications in the system over a given period of time. Total Applications is the count of all the applications available in the system for the duration selected Active Application is the count of the applications which has ATLEAST ONE pipeline run in the duration selected.

Pipeline Insights:

The graph depicts metrics about total pipelines and active pipelines in the system in the given time period. Total Pipelines is the count of all the pipelines configured for all the applications together. Active pipelines is the count of the pipelines which are executed ATLEAST ONCE in the duration selected.

Pipeline with Intelligent Gates:

A pipeline may consists of different stages without any gates configured or may have been configured with one or more Intelligent Gates i.e., Approval Gate / Verification Gate / Policy Gate (either one or more of them).

The graph depicts the comparison of the total pipelines in the system Vs the pipelines configured with the Intelligent Gates, within a given time period.

Intelligent Gates Breakdown:

Following are the different categories of Intelligent Gates in the ISD system, viz., Approval Gate, Verification Gate, Policy Gate.

The next graph provides insights about Intelligent Gates usage in the system, within a given period in time. It depicts the Total Number of Intelligent Gates being configured in the system, and a break up of how of many of them are Approval Gates or Verification Gates or Policy Gates

Intelligent Gates Usage Insights:

This insights graph is an extension of the above graph. While the above insights provides details around the total number of different kinds of Intelligent Gates configured in the system, the below insights graph provides insights on how many times these Gates were executed, within a given point in time.

For example, in last 7 days how many times an Approval Gates was executed (taking all the pipelines into account).

Users Insights:

This insights graph provide information about the total number of users of the system Vs the active users of the system between a given time period.

A user who has logged in atleast once since the inception of the system contributes to the total user count. Whereas a user who logged into the system atleast once between the given time period specified contributes to the Active Users count for that period.

Export Insights

All the above mentioned insights graph has an option to download the report in the CSV format.

To download the report in the CSV format, click on the download arrow at the upper right corner of the graph and specify the location where you want to download the save the report on the local drive.

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