Agent Installation


Agent flag needs to be enabled in the sapor configuration (It is enabled by default; checking may not be necessary unless someone disables it.).

kubectl edit secret oes-sapor-config -n isd-dev
The secret contains an application.yaml. Decode this.
echo xxxxxxxxxxx | base64 -d
This will have the line
    enabled: true

The forwarder external host name needs to map with the agent-grpc service external ip address in ISD Namespace.


Note: The above step is only necessary if you are creating the agent for the first time; if it is done already, no need to do this for subsequent agent creations.

Apply the services.yaml

$ kubectl apply -f services.yaml -n <AGENT-NAMESPACE>

Deploy agent manifest

Apply the agent manifest

 $ kubectl apply -f <agent-manifest-file>.yaml -n <AGENT-NAMESPACE>

Note: The agent manifest name will be the same as the agent name you have given in ISD.

Check the agent pod status; it should be in running state if it’s installed without any issues.

$ kubectl get pods -n <AGENT-NAMESPACE>

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