Automated Workflows

OES allows you to automate application delivery workflows with easy-to-create pipelines. OES offers templatized pipeline-as-code to enhance re-usability and provide the ability to insert fine-grain policy within the pipeline, with real-time visibility and diagnostics during the pipeline execution.

  1. Easy pipeline creation: DevOps engineers can simplify delivery configuration with OES pipeline-as-code, and manage versioning and automated updates of pipeline changes.

    To know more about how to create a pipeline, refer here.

  2. Manage 1000’s of pipeline: You can manage continuous delivery OES pipelines with the ease of using your management tools such as power UI, wizards, or JSON API.

    To know more about managing a pipeline, refer here.

  3. Embed Policies: OES pipelines provide flexibility to enforce static and dynamic policies so that compliance managers can guarantee adherence to SDLC compliance.

    To know more about how to create a policy, refer here.

  4. Pipeline Visibility: OES pipelines allow you to gain visibility from code check-in to test automation to approval to production deployment through integration with JIRA, Jenkins, ServiceNow, AppDynamics, and other CD and APM tools. To know more about available integrations, refer here.

  5. Notifications: Connect with collaboration tools of your choice (Git, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Slack, Hipchat) right away and get notified about deployment status, policy violations, etc. To know more about available integrations, refer here.

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