ISD agent-grpc external IP

Follow the steps below to map ISD agent-grpc service external IP to agent host URL:

  1. Prepare a URL for agent grpc IP mapping as per your agent host URL.

  2. Map ISD agent-grpc external IP to agent host Url.

  3. To get agent-grpc external IP, connect to Kubernetes cluster where you have installed the ISD application and run the below command in your cluster.

    kubectl get svc -n <ISD NAMESPACE-NAME> | grep grpc

    Note: ISD namespace is the namespace where you have installed your ISD application.

  4. Edit the controller config map and replace the URL as mentioned below. To edit the config map run the below command.

    kubectl edit cm opsmx-controller-controller1 -n <ISD NAMESPACE-NAME>

    Replace the URL in the config map under “data” section as mentioned below and save it.

      configFile: |
        serviceHostname: opsmx-controller-controller1
        agentHostname: <Provide your agent Host url here >
        remoteCommandHostname: <Provide your agent Host url here>
        controlHostname: opsmx-controller-controller1
  5. Restart the controller pod using the command below.

    kubectl rollout restart deploy opsmx-controller-controller1 -n <ISD NAMESPACE-NAME>

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