Scalable & Extensible

With OES, you can scale your software delivery as needed, deploying a nearly unlimited number of changes to multiple targets per day. OES is highly scalable for increasing deployment workloads and extensible to integrate with multiple SDLC toolchains. OES allows you to have:

  1. Custom Stage for parallel deployment: OES allows to easily define custom stages that can take any number of targets and can invoke preconfigured delivery pipelines simultaneously for each of the targets. Each delivery pipeline will deploy to its own target environment or instance independently to save time. DevOps managers can take action such as rollback or roll forward to continue or stop the number of parallel pipeline executions at once.

  2. Nested Pipelines: DevOps managers now have the ability to create child pipelines for repeated activities in SDLC and invoke parent pipelines. This improves the re-usability of pipelines among various teams in your IT organization.

  3. Infrastructure Creation: OES allows you to use Spinnaker pipelines to create and tear down infrastructure in the runtime using provisioning tools like Terraform.

  4. Integrations: DevOps engineers can focus on deployment and delivery of applications instead of developing custom integration scripts. And since OES is based on Spinnaker it is easy to customize and extend any capability as per your organization's requirements. To know more about available integrations, refer here.

  5. Modular Based: OES is modular and can act as a central CD tool for many enterprises because it uses an API-based architecture. Developers across the team can easily integrate external services with Spinnaker services.

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