Troubleshooting connectivity issues between Argo CD and ISD

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the connectivity issues between Argo CD and ISD.

  1. Check that the Argo CD appears in "Setup” -> ”Agents" as "NAME-argo-agent" and shows it as "Connected"(Green dot). If connected, follow the next step.

  2. Click on the ">" symbol on the left side of the agent-row. It should show 2 lines with "argocd" and "carinainstance" under the "Integration" column, both as "Connected"(Green dot). If connected, follow the next step.

  3. Check that CD Integration shows up in the "Setup” -> “CD Integration" page. If it does, follow the next step.

  4. Check in the "Home" page (Application Dashboard) if the applications from the connected Argo show up. If you see the applications, follow the next step.

  5. Click on any application and check that the application opens in the UI. If the application opens in UI, we are all set, integration is completed.

"Setup” -> ”Agents" does not show at all:

This means that, in the "New CD Integration" workflow, you have not gone all the way to the end. i.e. "Finish" button has not been clicked. Please follow the on-screen instructions till the end, in one session.

CD Integration in "Setup” -> ”Agents" shows red dot:

This means that the agent has been created but it has not connected successfully to ISD. Please do the following:

  1. Check that the downloaded YAML was applied in the correct directory.

  2. Check that the agent pod is running.

  3. Check the logs of the agent pod. The 1st few lines indicate where it is trying to connect and what happened.

  4. Confirm that the controller URL is configured to reach the agent-grpc service in ISD. Double check the instructions here for configuring the controller URL.

  5. If required, please fix it and restart the agent. If the controller URL has to be changed/correct, please re-download the yaml ("Setup” -> ”Agents" -> click the 3 dots to the far right of the row -> edit ->download), and re-apply it.

  6. Confirm that the agent-pod connects to the controller-URL by checking the logs. It should now show "Green" on the ISD UI.

CD Integration shows up in "Setup” -> “CD Integration" as red i.e. not connected:

  1. Though, generally, it turns green in 30 seconds or so, this could take up to 5 minutes to turn Green. Please wait.

  2. Double-check the URL and token that were edited in the "service.yaml". You can look at it again by using the below command.

    kubectl describe cm -n argocd <fill name here>.yaml
  3. Check the logs of the agent pod for any errors and correct them.

None of the applications from the connected Argo appears on Home page:

  1. Double check whether you have the applications in the Argo that you are checking for.

  2. Check that the User-Token generated has permission to view the application you are checking for in ISD-UI.

  3. Check whether the RBAC is fully implemented i.e. if the user is not authorized to see the application in Argo and in ISD, it will not be visible on the screen. Please check the RBAC settings.

  4. Check for logs in carina-pod, agent-pod and the controller pod. If there are any errors in communication, you should see them.

Clicking on any application takes to a page with error/does not show the application:

  1. This happens if the wild-card DNS is configured or wild-TLS is not correctly generated. Please check the procedure used for wild-card URL routing for the vela service.

  2. In the same browser where you are logged into ISD, open a different tab and navigate to https://isd.<vela-service URL configured>/test

  3. If the URL above does not load at all, check the DNS configuration.

  4. If it shows a security notice, please double check the certificates generated and ensure that the certificate SAN has "*.<vela-service URL configured>" listed in it. Check here for a suggested way to do it.

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