Rolling Restart for EKS manifest

A Rolling Restart is a stage with which you can delete the old set of data and add the new configured data and restart the chosen Kind (eg: Deployment) automatically when the pipeline is executed.

To add a Rolling Restart stage:

  1. Go to Application Dashboard: When you log in to ISD the application dashboard is displayed with the list of applications. You can create a new application also as given in create a new application.

  2. Click on the application for which you want to build this pipeline.

3. Pipelines: Once you click on an application, it will redirect you to the Pipelines page. Click +Create button to create a new pipeline. Users can also view the existing pipelines displayed on the left.

4. Click on Add stage: The add stage button is displayed below the diagrammatic representation of the created pipeline. When you click this button, you can select the different types of stages that ISD supports.

5. Add rolling restart stage: Select Rolling Restart stage from the Type drop down. You should add each stage and configure them in a logical sequence as ISD does not permit downstream dependencies.

6. Configure the rolling restart Stage: Configuring the stage allows you to define input options a user can give and how they might give them. Update the required details and click Save Changes.

7. Run your pipeline: Once the pipeline is executed, the selected Kind is restarted with a new set of values.

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