OpsMx Agent

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A complete CD setup involves installing & maintaining a lot of tools viz., Jenkins, JIRA, Artifactory etc. apart from Spinnaker & ISD alone. Though the on-prem versions of ISD & Spinnaker are both available for customers, but incase of OpsMx’s SaaS ISD offering the scenario changes because in the SaaS offering, the ISD is outside of the users private network/firewall.

The OpsMx Agent allows Spinnaker installations to reach through firewalls in a secure manner, allowing access to control private Kubernetes clusters as well as reach internal services such as Jenkins and Artifactory and many others..

The agent is typically used with OpsMx's SaaS ISD offering, where OpsMx hosts the ISD installation, but services used by ISD are within within the customers VPC behind their firewall. The agent is intended to provide access to customer-managed services only that are behind a firewall, and not for cloud-provided services. Currently supported cloud providers are Kubernetes and AWS.

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