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Policy Audit

From the ISD application dashboard, Click Audit and Policy Audit to see the list of available policies.
You can resize the width of any columns as per you need to adjust the view . On hovering over the columns a double arrow appears, adjust the arrow to resize the column width.
The policy audit tab contains all the policies in a list view. The following details of the policies are listed as shown below:
  • Application – This column shows the application in which the policy exists
  • Pipeline – This column shows the pipeline in which the policy exists
  • Gate Name – This column shows the name of the gate
  • Action - This column shows the policy action
  • Source - This column shows the policy source
  • Policy Name – This column shows the name of the policy
  • Time - This column shows the date and time on which the policy is created
  • Triggered By - This column shows the user by whom the policy was created or triggered
  • Policy Event - This column shows the event of the policy
  • Description – This column shows the description of the policy

Show/Hide Columns

You can opt to show or hide these columns in the list available. To do so, click the menu icon as shown in the image below. The list of available columns will appear. You can select/deselect a particular column to remove it from the policy table.

Search Policies

Let’s take an example where you have around 200 policies on the list. But you want to view the details of one particular policy or a set of policies. This is where you can search the list and view the specific policy(s) as per your requirement.
The basic search allows you to simply search a policy using the name of the policy. To do so, enter the name of the policy in the Search text box as shown below. The list will only show the policies with that particular name.


Users can download the .csv file containing the entire list of policies and their associated details by clicking the download symbol as shown below: