Multi-cloud Deployments

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OES allows you to achieve repeatable multi-cloud deployments without scripting and reduce failure rates through built-in safe deployment strategies that work across public, private and container environments. With OES you can continuously deploy both microservices and traditional monolith applications.

  1. Multi-cloud Deployment: Automatically deploy applications on bare metal, container, VM, or serverless platforms with no scripting via our cloud platform integrations and templates. OES helps you to deploy to Private cloud (OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker, vSphere) and public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle).

  2. Built-in Safe Strategies: You can safely and consistently deploy with built-in, ready-to-use deployment strategies such as Blue-Green, A/B, Canary, and Rolling Update. OES treats Kubernetes as first-class citizens and supports Kubernetes resources and operators for custom strategies.

  3. 1-Click Rollback: Just rollback with one click and quickly mitigate deployment risks, avoiding unforeseen application performance or quality degradation. OES maintains deployment versions so that you can roll back to any previous working version with just one click.

  4. Policy Driven Deployments: Achieve policy enforcement at every stage of deployment. Easily navigate changing policies using fine-grain controls at both creation and run-time of deployment pipelines with declarative specifications.

  5. Real-time visibility and insights: Gain deep end-to-end visibility into all the stages of deployment. Quickly understand the reason behind deployment failures and resolve the errors and issues to improve your delivery process.

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