The Deployments page displays the deployment details related to an application. To view the details for an application, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click on the desired application name in the Application Dashboard. It will redirect you to the Application status page.

  2. To view the deployments for the selected application, click on the Deployments tab on the left navigation pane. The deployments page appears as shown in the image below.

  3. The Deployments page consists of three tabs and two summary boxes.


    • Services - Displays the number of services for the selected application.

    • Deployments - Displays the number of deployments for the selected application.

    • Analysis Failures - On clicking this tab, the Analysis history page is displayed.

    Summary boxes:

    • Current Deployments - Displays the ongoing deployments of the selected application.

    • Deployment History - Displays the previous deployments list of the selected application.

  4. The summary boxes display the following details of the deployments:

    • Kind -Shows the type of kubernetes object used for the deployment.

    • Revision - Displays the revision number of the replica set.

    • Status - Displays the status of the application.

    • Health - Displays the health status of the application.

    • Git Revision - Displays the latest Git commit which triggered the Sync

    • Artifact - Displays the deployed image.

    • Size - Displays the number of replicas or agent pods running on the target environment.

    • Labels - Displays the labels on the component.

    • Deployed at - Displays the time at which the deployment was initiated.

    • Initiated by - Displays the name of the person who initiated the deployment.

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