OES 3.0.X Release Notes

This Version is deprecated

The below versions are deprecated.

Version 3.0 (11th September 2020)

New Features

  • New User Experience - OES 3.0 comes with a brand new user experience which is much more user friendly and crisp.

  • Multi-service Autopilot - Autopilot, the intelligent continuous verification platform for any CI/CD, is now embedded into OES in 3.0 release. Enterprises now get an AI/ML-powered continuous verification platform that verifies software updates across all deployment stages, ensuring their safety and reliability in production.

  • Policy Management and Enforcement - OES 3.0 includes OPA for strict policy management.

    The policy management feature allows the security and compliance team to automatically express policy (in a declarative language) that can promote safe and fine-grained controls on the Spinnaker.

  • Audit Trailing - OES 3.0 comes introduces audit trailing which helps to improve the audit process. deployment pipeline. Audit Trailing in OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker 3.0 allows you to list, search, and filter on the various deployment activities. We capture events from different sources – Spinnaker deployments, Autopilot analysis, policy enforcement, and allow you to look at that data from a single place.

  • Secure Spinnaker - OES 3.0 mitigates risks while frequently deploying software into production through integrating security best practices into all stages of deployment. It allows you to secure your release pipelines, manage user authentication and role based authorization (RBAC), and to ensure built-in protection across multiple teams, point tools, and infrastructure through hardened Spinnaker.

  • Application Management - The application on-boarding feature allows you to create templates of your organization practices and policies and provide self-service on-boarding of new applications. The application owners can easily add an application, its services, and deployment pipelines while ensuring that they follow the organization’s best practices.

  • Release Management - OES 3.0 comes with release management for better and hassle free product releases. The release management feature addresses the deficiencies in the software delivery process. Release managers can define the release, and the approvers can see the relevant metrics in a single pane. Thus the handover between teams is handled seamlessly.

Fixed Issues

  • App Dashboard - Services tab shows 'No services found in this application'. It should return the service list with "-" indicating N/A.

  • Created application is not completed in SAPOR for a long time.

  • While creating a new application the pipeline services are not appearing in the drop-down field unless the SAPOR pod is restarted.

  • Reclassification history options are not appearing.

  • In the Canary Analysis page the Metrics score is showing empty in the metrics box.

  • Unexpected tab events is not displaying the below order:

    • Critical (based on impact score)

    • Error

    • Warning

  • Under Deployment Verification if the canary id is changed from success canary to fail canary the Perceived Risk bar is not updating from Low to High.

  • Application dashboard shows 500 error on auto refresh.

  • A newly created application is not appearing in the application list under the Setup > App list.

  • Account Name is shown twice while adding dockerhub data source.

  • Label text should be changed to "Elastic End point" in Elastic Datasource > New Account.

Known Issues

  • The next, back and submit buttons are grayed out in Log Template.

  • The threshold for high and low values do not have default value in Custom Metrics Template.

  • The selected appIn is not showing in the App dashboard after selecting Administrator group as a user.

  • After re-running UI is not updating the latest scores.

  • Previous comments for reclassification of one canary is still appearing after re-run and update.

  • Comments for "Reason for Reclassification" is not appearing under Reclassification History.

  • Log Analysis section is flickering in a canary analysis report when the mouse cursor is hovered on the navigation menu items.

  • The Delete and Edit application and the Datasource account is not working in the setup page.

  • Enter password characters are readable in Datasource section.

  • Pagination "Next" & "Previous" buttons are enabled even if we have single page of entries in Datasource.

  • DOWNLOAD Debug data on the Deployment verification page is not working.

  • Disabling the ADD & EDIT links under Summary section is not working.

  • OpsMx logo is not hyperlinked.

  • Few fields are EMPTY in overall canary run information section.

  • Metric Analysis - Sorting is not available.

  • Collapse All is not working as expected under Log Analysis > All Tab.

  • "Download Cluster Info" is not working under Log Analysis.

  • After trigger manual trigger canary popup is not closing.

  • After trigger canary page is not refreshing with latest canaryId.

  • Refresh deployment URL not showing latest canary results.

  • Re-classification duration & algorithm type is missing in summary section.

  • Previous data is not clearing in template creation and data source creation.

  • "No services found in this application" error message appears in Application Dashboard when selecting Applications with services.

  • While deleting an application "500 Internal Server Error" message appears.

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