Create a Pipeline

A pipeline is a series of sequential steps that are performed as part of a spinnaker application. Spinnaker has a host of pre-built stages with which you can use to perform fairly complex tasks.

While we do have guides to run specific tasks, today we are going to create a basic pipeline with a wait stage.

To do this,

  1. From the ISD application dashboard, Click "Continuous Delivery" --> Click "Spinnaker". This will take you to the Spinnaker instance you have configured with ISD. The first thing you will see is a recent view of all of your applications and Click your "Application Name" as shown in the image below.

2. Select the application for which you want to create the pipeline. After selecting, Click Pipelines tab and Click Create as shown below.

3. Enter the "Pipeline Name" and click "Create" as shown below.

Add Stage

You have now created a blank pipeline. After creating the pipeline, you need to add a stage to it. A stage in a pipeline is the set of actions you want the pipeline to take while executing it.

  1. Click your "Application Name" and click "Configure" button to add stage.

2. Click "Add Stage" and select type of stage "Wait" from the drop down as shown in the below image.

3. After selecting the stage type, provide the "Stage Name" and enter the "wait time(In Seconds)" and then click "Save Changes".

Now the stage is added successfully. After adding the stage, you need to add a trigger and run a pipeline to it.

To add a Trigger, Refer here.

To run a pipeline, Refer here.

Instruction Video

Here's a short video that provides quick step-by-step instructions to create a pipeline:

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