OES 3.5.X Release Notes

This Version is deprecated

The below versions are deprecated.

Version 3.5 (07th February 2021)

Spinnaker Version : 1.22.2

New Features

  • Synchronization of application from Spinnaker.

    • Import the existing applications and pipeline from the Spinnaker in to OES 3.5.

  • Multiple Approval and Verification gates.

    • Add one or more Approval and Verification gates in to the imported pipelines of Spinnaker.

    • Define custom environment/group for the inserted gates.

    • Visualize the Spinnaker pipeline in the OES.

    • The inserted Approval and Verification gates are pushed to Spinnaker for execution.

  • Custom stage in Spinnaker for Approval and Verification gates.

    • Customer stage definition in Spinnaker for the insertion of Approval and Verification gates.

  • New Integrator for Approval gate.

    • AquaWave of AquaSec as another approval gate tool chain.

  • New monitoring tools integration for automated verification.

    • AWS Cloudwatch Logs.

    • Splunk Logs.

  • Pipeline view of the application dashboard.

    • The App dashboard is revamped to show the pipeline view of individual application.

    • High level application summary line - Deployments, Approvals, Policy violation and Verification failure.

    • Ability to choose the history duration - 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and 6 months.

    • Ability to navigate to the Approval and Verification gates from pipeline.

    • Logical grouping of the different gates based on the environment.

  • Simplification of invocation of verification gate.

    • All the attributes needed for the verification like, the baseline & new release identifier and time stamp are captured in the template itself.

    • Simplified JSON for trigger with just the application anime to be the mandatory attribute.

  • Configuration changes to enable/disable spinnaker in OES.

  • A new agent for kubernetes is introduced to communicate between Spinnaker and an isolated remote cluster.

    • A new controller as OES-SAPOR is introduced to collect information from the agent and provide the secrets to Spinnaker.

    • A new option as Proxy Remote Cluster is added to define the cluster as remote and enable OES-SAPOR to communicate with the agent and Spinnaker while creating a dynamic account.

    • When a cluster is defined as remote, OES-SAPOR generates the agent name automatically which is fixed.

    • OES-SAPOR generates a manifest once a remote cluster is saved. This manifest can be downloaded by a click of a button. The manifest contains the secrets to access the agent.

Fixed Issues

  • After editing the application and adding a connector duplicate connectors are appearing in the visibility and the approval gate screen.

  • After editing the application, connectors which are already created are not visible.

  • Both success score and error message are appearing on the same screen in the verification page.

  • Java & UI - After reclassification score boxes are not updating until refreshed manually.

  • Java - Delete integrations (data sources) are not working

  • Canary run 501 for service OES-visibility has no inputToR.json files.

  • OES Version string auto update based on build tag.

Known Issues

  • UI - setup - While creating service throwing invalid service name issue.

  • UI - Verification - If any application is in in-progress state - unable to change the verification run.

  • UI - clicks on verification tab - select verification run is not loading and verification URL is showing wrong.

  • UI - Verification - Change in application/verification run is not affecting the verification (top) URL.

  • java-setuppage-applications-appsync-pipeline deleted in spinnaker application in spinnaker is not getting affected in OES.

  • java-setuppage-applications-appsync-click on appsync is not loading new applications from spinnaker in to OES unless we reload the page.

  • UI - After trigger a canary (manual trigger canary) verification page is not loading with latest analysis results until we refresh page.

  • Setup page - while adding 3rd service getting Internal Server Error.

  • UI - Deployment verification - No Applications! error message will stay long time in verification page.

  • UI - No validations for approval gate.

  • UI - Analysis failed with error message - Handle correlation section along with log analysis.

Version 3.5.1 (24th February 2021)

Spinnaker Version : 1.24.4

New Features

  • Search and sorting feature implemented in app dashboard and default sorting is based on last created/updated.

  • Pagination is implemented for app dashboard from server side.

  • Bundled spinnaker version is upgraded to 1.24.4.

  • PSQL version has been updated to 13.2.

Fixed Issues

  • Internal Server error while retrieving SonarQube data in Visibility.

  • Aqua Wave connector is missing in connectors API.

  • Java - Visibility - Latest API is not taking the latest id information.

  • UI -Visibility - Reviewed time is showing wrong after activating the gate.

  • Auto baseline is taking longer time to complete the analysis.

  • Java - Visibility - Update Jira's with latest epic details and trigger - Jira is not updating with the latest epic.

Known Issues

  • App dashboard - Click on Verification failures - Services are pointing to same same score (if services having different score).

  • If there is an in-progress canary run, user is not able to move to other page and application is redirecting the user to the verification itself.

  • Java - Delete and create same application manual trigger is not working.

  • UI - Graphs and tabs are not in sync.

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