Add services and pipelines

After creating the main application, you need to add the components to the application. These components are known as services/microservices. A microservice is always associated with an application. To know more about how to create an application, click here.

To add services, follow the steps given below:

  1. After clicking the Save and Next button, the following screen will appear:

2. Enter the Service Name in the text box and click Save. The following options screen will appear:

In the above image, a pipeline test_Service has been created along with the service. Click the test_Service pipeline to make changes to the pipeline. After clicking, the following options will appear:

Type: Select the type of gate using the drop-down, the options are Approval, Verification, Test Verification, and Policy. A gate is an access point that allows you to stop the pipeline to automatically go to the next stage. A gate helps you to manually intervene and verify or approve a stage of the pipeline before moving on to the next stage in the sequence. The following are the options:

Approval Type

If you select the gate type as "Approval", you can do the following:

  • Select the connector from the drop-down. The available connectors are:

    • JIRA

    • GIT






  • Select the Account from the drop-down.

  • Select the template from the drop-down.

Verification Type

If you select the gate type as "Verification", you can do the following:

  • Select or add a Log Template. To know more about log templates click here.

  • Select or add a Metric Template. To know more about metric templates click here.

Test Verification Type

If you select the gate type as "Type Verification" you can only add a log template as shown below:

Policy Type

If you select the type "Policy" you will be to select the Policy from the Policy Configuration field as shown below:

  • After selecting the type some common fields appears irrespective of the type selected. They are as follows:

  • Environment: Any gate is associated with an environment. An environment can be a testing environment, a staging environment, or a production environment. Each environment is distinct and will have different credentials. Based on the environment the stages of a pipeline will vary. Click the drop-down and select Add Environment and then enter the name of the environment.

  • Gate Name: Enter the name of the gate in the text box.

  • Click Save to add the gate. You can add multiple gates to one service. Click the Add New Gate button as shown below:

  • When you are trying to add a second gate you can set the dependency of the new gate on a previous gate. To do so, select the previous gate from the Depends On drop-down.

  • After adding multiple gates to a service the Pipeline View will appear as shown below:

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