Application Dashboard

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The application dashboard helps you to get a complete detailed view of the applications along with its services and pipelines. In the application dashboard you can also view the environments and the gates that the service or the application passes through before final deployment. You can also view the details of the deployment. The application dashboard looks like as shown in the image below:

Summary View

In the above dashboard, the first view is the summary view where you can see there are different applications with the following details:

  • Services - The number of services in the application

  • Deployments - The deployment details.

  • Pending Approvals - Any approvals which are pending.

  • Policy Violations - Any policy violations.

  • Verification Failures - Any failures in verification process.

Detailed View

To get the detailed view of one particular application, follow the steps given below:

  • Click the arrow on the left hand side of the application as shown below:

The detailed view will appear as shown below:

In the above screen, you can view the details of the environments and the respective service pipelines going through the different gates.

You can also change the time period to view the application within a certain duration. For example - 7 days, 1 month, etc. To do so, click the Last 7 days drop-down and select the time period. Refer to the image below:

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