Google Cloud Storage

Steps to Configure GCS Artifacts

  • Validated data from artifacts can consume GCS objects as artifacts, in multiple Spinnaker Stages.


  • To have GCS enabled on Spinnaker, it’s mandatory to have GCP (Google Cloud Project) created to host a bucket in.

  • To validate and confirm whether GCP is created or not, execute the following command

        gcloud info
  • For Spinnaker to authenticate on GCP, it’s mandatory to have Google Credentials/JSON key downloaded. In case if the details are unavailable, click here to generate the same.

Enable GCS Artifact Settings:

  • Ensure to have the following values are enabled

        # Same as in Prerequisites section above
  • Execute the following command to enable Artifact Support

        hal config features edit --artifacts true
  • Execute, the following command to add Artifact account

        hal config artifact gcs account add $ARTIFACT_ACCOUNT_NAME \
        --json-path $SERVICE_ACCOUNT_DEST
  • Finally, execute the following command to enable GCS artifact Support

        hal config artifact gcs enable

    Note: To Explore more options on this configuration, click here

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