AppDynamics Verification

AppDynamics Verification Overview

This section provides the detailed steps for integrating AppDynamics with OpsMx ISD continuous verification feature. Once integrated, it allows users to determine whether the new software update is ready to be promoted to the production environment. Automation driven by this intelligence can be configured to promote the software release.

Integration Overview

AppDynamics provides application and database performance management, monitoring, and analytic tools to help you to identify and resolve performance issues, drive business outcomes, increase user engagement, and deliver amazing user experiences.

OpsMx continuous verification integrates with AppDynamics to enable customers to release software with lower risk into production. It provides risk assessment and release verification based on the metrics data coming from AppDynamics. Monitoring data for new software updates are compared with the baseline to determine if the new software release is comparable to the software already running in production. This allows users to determine whether the new software update is ready to be promoted to the production environment.

Setup and Verification Preview

Follow the instructions to setup AppDynamics and OpsMx ISD:

  • AppDynamics - The instructions here assume that you are already using AppDynamics to monitor your applications.

  • OpsMx ISD Application - Create OpsMx ISD Application. To create an application, refer here.

  • Monitoring Provider Setup – You can connect OpsMx ISD to your AppDynamics account by adding AppDynamics as a Monitoring Provider. To add AppDynamics as an integrator, refer here.

A Monitoring Provider is a connection to monitoring tools such as AppDynamics. Once OpsMx ISD is connected, you can use OpsMx Deployment Verification with your application performance metrics from AppDynamics APIs.

After completing this setup, you'll be able to verify deployments as follows.

  1. Add a pipeline to your OpsMx ISD application for deploying your application. To add a pipeline, refer here.

  2. To add a Verification stage to the pipeline, which uses the AppDynamics monitoring provider, refer here.

  3. OpsMx ISD uses monitoring data from AppDynamics and advanced machine learning techniques to analyze your new software updates, discovering potential issues that may cause your deployments to fail in the future. This information can be used to improve your deployments and automatically promote your new software update to production. To know more about the verification reports, refer here.

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