GitHub Teams

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Setup GitHub Team for Spinnaker

Overview of GitHub Teams

  • GitHub Teams, this is a group of organization members that reflects company or groups structure with cascading access and permissions to the repositories.

  • Roles from GitHub are mapped to the members under a specific organization.

Personal Access Token

  • Login to the GitHub console, as an admin user of the organization.

  • Navigate to ‘Developer Settings’, under Settings and click on ‘Personal Access Tokens’

  • To generate a new token Click on ‘Generate New Token’

  • Provide a name for the Token. (E.g. Spinnaker-Team)

  • Select a Scope of access for the users ‘read:org’

  • To finalize the token creation, click on ‘Generate Token’.

Configure GitHub Teams with Spinnaker

  • From the above steps, ensure to have admin personal token in hand.

  • Execute the below Halyard commands, to Configure GitHub Teams to Spinnaker

    TOKEN=<Admin-Token Name> # Personal access token under admin account
    ORG=<Admin Org Details> # GitHub Organization
    hal config security authz github edit \
    --accessToken $TOKEN \
    --organization $ORG \
    hal config security authz edit --type github
    hal config security authz enable

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