Add Verification Gate

A gate is an access point which allows you to stop the pipeline to automatically go to the next stage. A gate helps you to manually intervene and verify or approve a stage of the pipeline before moving on to the next stage in sequence. Adding a Gate in ISD allows you to either automate your pipeline based on data from supported data sources. There are four types of gates you can add:

  • Approval

  • Verification

  • Test Verification

  • Policy

Verification Gate

A verification gate is a gate in which you can verify logs either automatically or manually before proceeding to the next stage.

You can add a Verification Gate after creating a service and pipeline to the application. To add a Verification Gate follow the steps below:

If you haven’t created an application already, click here.

If you haven’t created your pipelines yet, click here.

  1. From the ISD application dashboard, Click "Setup" --> Click "Applications" and then Click your "Application Name" as shown in the image below. This will take you to the Service Pipelines page.

2. In the below image, a pipeline deploy to dev has been created along with the service. Click the "deploy to dev" pipeline to make changes to the pipeline. After clicking, the following options will appear and click "Add New Gate":

3. Next, you get the option to select the type of gate you want to add as shown in the image below:

4. Select the gate type as "Verification" and you can select or add Log Template and Metric Template as shown in the below image:

Select or add a Log and Metric Template.

  • To know more on log templates click here.

  • To know more on metric templates click here.

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