Create an Application

The following procedure creates a new Application. After creating a application, you can add components to the it like pipelines and then deploy it.

  1. From the Application dashboard, click the Create Application button and a pop-up to create new application appears.

2. Enter the attributes as shown in the below image, then click Create. .

  • Name - A unique name to identify this application.

  • Owner Email - The email address of the owner of this application.

  • Repo Type - The platform hosting the code repository of this application.

  • Description - Use this text box to describe the application, if necessary.

  • Consider only cloud provider health when executing tasks:

    • If enabled, instance status as reported by the cloud provider is considered sufficient to determine task completion.

    • If disabled, tasks will normally need health status reported by some other health provider (e.g. a load balancer or discovery service) to determine task completion.

  • Show health override option for each operation: If enabled, you can toggle the option above on a task-by-task basis.

  • Instance Port - This is only used to generate links within Spinnaker to a running instance when viewing an instance's details. The instance port can be used or overridden for specific links configured for your application.

  • Enable restarting running pipelines: If enabled, users will be able to restart pipeline stages while a pipeline is still running. This behavior can have varying unexpected results and is not recommended to enable.

  • Enable re-run button on active pipelines: If enabled, the re-run option also appears on active executions. This is usually not needed but may sometimes be useful for submitting multiple executions with identical parameters.

The application is created successfully. Complete the configuration before adding infrastructure and pipelines.

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