Additional Argo Installation


This document provides instructions for installing additional Argo CD and Rollouts on a Kubernetes cluster. If you haven’t already installed ISD, follow the instructions here.

Note: Additional Argo Installation v4.1.2 installs the following Argo Components:

  • Argo Rollout - v1.3.1

  • Argo CD - v2.5.4


  • ISD platform should be up and running to add additional Argo CD instances.

  • A Host URL should be assigned to the Agent controller service. For detailed information, refer here.

Additional Argo Installation Steps:

Follow the instructions below to install the additional Argo and integrate the new Argo CD instances with ISD from the “CD Integration” page in ISD UI.

  1. Go to “Setup” and click on the “CD Integration”. Refer to the image below.

  2. Click the “+ New CD Integration” button and then select “Create new Argo CD” . Refer to the image below.

  3. Now the “Create New Argo CD Instance” page appears. Follow the on-screen instructions as shown in the images below.

  4. After successful installation of the additional Argo and integration of the new Argo CD instances with ISD, you will see the Argo CD integration accounts and their status in the “CD Integration” page. For the detailed information, refer here.

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