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Let’s learn how to configure visibility for AUTOPILOT. AUTOPILOT is an Integration for ISD application, an external data source from where ISD would pick the data for that would be used for taking informed decisions.

Following are the steps:

  1. Add / Edit application & its respective services. Refer this page to know how to add / edit applications.

  2. Add JIRA as an Integration to the ISD system. Refer this page to learn how to add an Integration.

  3. Next, you get the option to select the type of service you want to add. The options are:

    • ‌Verification

    • Approval

Select the Type as Approval. The following options appear:

4. Enter the name of the Approval Gate and click the Tick icon.

5. Click the drop-down and select Add Environment. Enter the name of the environment as shown below:

6. Gate Name : Enter the name of the gate in the text box.

7. Select the connector as AUTOPILOT from the drop-down.

8. Select the Account from the drop-down.

9. Select the template from the drop-down.

You can also create a new template. Supported templates for JENKINS are listed below:

  • begincanaryanalysisaftermins

  • canaryanalysisintervalmins

  • duration

  • intervalminutes

  • lifetimeinhours

  • build_usecase

  • autobaseline

  • scoringalgorithm

  • baselinename

  • canaryname

  • logtemplatename

  • baselinestarttime

  • baselineendtime

  • canarystarttime

  • canaryendtime

  • filestat

  • metricbaselinename

  • metriccanaryname

  • metrictemplatename

  • baselinekibanaurl

  • canarykibanaurl

  • Regularexpression

  • regexresponsekey

  • algorithm

  • logstatus

  • logscore

  • metricscore

  • metricstatus

  • reclassificationduration

  • error

10. Click the Save icon.

Create Templates

To Create Templates, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Add Template option in the Template drop-down as shown below:

  • The New Template pop-up will appear. Enter the Name of the Template and Type of Template and then click Save. Refer to the image below:

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