OES 3.2.X Release Notes

This Version is deprecated

The below versions are deprecated.

Version 3.2 (2nd November 2020)

New Features

  • Life Cycle Management 1.0 - Life Cycle Management 1.0 has the following features:

    • Default Installation will have Spinnaker installed in HA mode for Clouddriver and Echo.

    • Secrets related to accounts (e.g. Jenkins passwords, k8s kubeconfig files, etc.) are encrypted and stored in git/S3.

    • gitops style Spinnaker config management. Halyard does not have persistent storage, all configuration information is in the git repository. Halyard configuration is no longer stored in halyard, it is now stored in git/S3.

    • Upgrades - Updating a version in a config file in git causes the Spinnaker version to be upgraded with minimal efforts. After making the changes you need to restart Halyard.

    • Dynamic Accounts - Default installation of Spinnaker comes pre-configured for dynamic k8s accounts.

Known Issues

  • Previous comments for reclassification of one canary are still appearing after re-run and update.

  • Log Analysis section is flickering in a canary analysis report when the mouse cursor is hovered on the navigation menu items.

  • Pagination "Next" & "Previous" buttons are enabled even if we have a single page of entries in Datasource.

  • DOWNLOAD Debug data on the Deployment verification page is not working.

  • OpsMx logo is not hyperlinked.

  • Metric Analysis - Sorting is not available.

  • Firefox browser - The Deployment Verification page has a shift left effect.

  • "Download Cluster Info" is not working under Log Analysis.

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