Pub/Sub Subscription Name


The following figure depicts the information to be provided to add PUBSUB as an integration.

Following are the fields:

  • Account Name: The name of the Aquawave user account

  • Project Name: Name of the GCP project where the subscription is

  • Subscription Name: Name of the subscription

  • Message Format: Select the message format from the drop down. The supported formats are GCB, GCS, GCR, CUSTOM

  • Authentication Type: Select the user authentication mode for the Artifactory.

    1. Select Anonymous / Role-Based as the authentication type if no authentication is required.

    2. You can also select Json Key File as the authentication type. Add the JSON service account file in the File field for Spinnaker to use as credentials. If this option is selected another field named Translation Template is displayed.

    3. Translation Template - This template translates the Pub/Sub payload as a Spinnaker artifact by creating a Jinja template. Add your file by clicking Choose File.

The Translation Template field is optional for GCB, GCR, GCS message formats and mandatory for Custom message format.

  • Validate: To validate the entries before saving, enable the Validate radio button. The default value is true

  • Connect to CD: Enable the selection & Select the spinnaker instance you want to associate this account to

  • Group and Permissions: To enable access to all user groups, check the Enable all access to all the groups for this checkbox. To provide access to only selected user groups, uncheck this checkbox and select the required users from the Select Group drop down and enable the needed permissions like Edit, View or Delete.

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