Lock Pipeline

If you lock a pipeline it will prevent any modifications to the pipeline from the UI. You can still modify the pipeline using the API. Follow the steps below to lock a pipeline.

  1. Click on the application from the application dashboard. The Pipelines page with the details of all the pipelines for the selected application is displayed.

  2. Select the Pipeline to be disabled and click Configure.

  3. Select Lock option from the Pipeline Actions drop-down as shown below.

3. A confirmation screen as shown appears to confirm your pipeline lock request. Make sure that you have selected the correct pipeline name and update the description of why this pipeline is locked and click Lock pipeline.

Note: After clicking Lock Pipeline, this pipeline will be locked and cannot be modified.

4. Now the selected pipeline is locked and a message This pipeline is locked and does not allow modification appears as shown in the image below.

5. To unlock the locked pipelines, Unlock option appears in the Pipeline Actions drop-down as shown in the image below.

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