ISD/Spinnaker (OES) 3.12 Quick Installation

To experience ISD quickly, you can install it and deploy your applications. The instructions below are intended to get you started quickly and try out ISD functionality.

Note: The instructions below are not suitable for production or any other environment where security is a concern.


  • You should have access to a Kubernetes cluster with at least 2 nodes

  • Each node should have a minimum of 32 GB RAM and kubectl set-up.

Execute the following commands (copy-paste in a terminal window):

kubectl create namespace opsmx-isd
kubectl -n opsmx-isd apply -f \
###WAIT for about 20-30 min, depending on your network speed
###It is normal for some pods to go into error/crash loop before stabilizing
###Check the status of the pods by executing this command
kubectl -n opsmx-isd get po
###Once all pods show "Running" or "Completed" status, wait for a couple of minutes and execute this.
kubectl -n opsmx-isd port-forward svc/oes-ui 8080 
##Let it keep running

Now open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080

Log in using the administrator's username and password.

After login, please go to "Setup"--> "Integration" --> and click on "Sync Spinnaker Accounts" to complete the post-installation setup.

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