Configure Storage Service

Configure the Storage Service

Supported Storage Providers

Spinnaker requires an external storage provider to keep track of application settings and configured pipelines. Since this type of data is extremely sensitive and precious if lost, it is recommended that you use a trusted hosted storage solution.

The storage provider will not affect the cloud provider. For example, use Google Cloud Storage as a storage source but deploy to Microsoft Azure. The following storage providers are supported:

  • Azure Storage

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Minio

  • Redis

  • S3

  • Oracle Object Storage

In this example we have used Minio as a storage provider. Configure the Minio using the command below. You have to specify the bucket name and endpoint as parameters in this command. For more information on how to install and configure Minio refer here.

For more information about the “hal config storage s3 edit” command refer here.

hal config storage s3 edit [parameters]

In the hal config file it will be updated as shown in the image below:

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