Blue/Green deployment using Manifest

Blue/green strategy is a deployment strategy that is designed to minimize risk by gradually copying the contents of the old server group onto the new before disabling the old server group.

Using a Blue/Green (AKA a red/black) Deployment strategy is easy, as Spinnaker natively supports a Blue/green strategy.

To use a Blue green Strategy,

  1. Create a new Pipeline: Create a new pipeline by clicking on the pipelines tab and clicking on the create button in the spinnaker.

2. Create a deployment stage: Click in the add a new stage option by clicking on the drop down and selecting Deploy (manifest).

3. Add your manifest object: You can add your manifest as either a text file or from a repository.

4. Select rollout strategy options:

4.1. Click on the statement ‘spinnaker manages your traffic based on your selected strategy’

4.2. Define the service namespace and service you are applying this strategy to

4.3. Select your strategy from the drop down list, you will find the Red/black strategy.

5. Add additional configurations: Finalize your configurations.

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