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An application represents the service which you are going to deploy There could be just one or multiple services in an application. Each service can have there own pipelines to define the sequence of tasks that are needed to be performed.

Suppose you have an application XYZ which has different services like A, B, C etc. You can create the same representation in OES. Application represents overall product whereas services represent individual components in the product. Each service can have multiple pipelines to define different tasks/stages to be executed in order to successfully deploy the application.

To view the list of applications follow the steps below:

  1. Click Setup in the navigation menu as shown below:

2. Click on the "Applications" tab on this page, the list of applications appears as shown below. You would see the list of applications which you created or which you have the relevant permissions.

OES provides the capability to create native OES applications or to import the applications created in Spinnaker. Applications shown in the above figure depicts the name of the application and the source of that application.

  1. OES Applications: To create an native OES application follow the instruction provided here.

  2. Spinnaker: To be able to work on applications which are originally created in Spinnaker, you need to import these applications from Spinnaker to OES. To import the applications, click on the "Sync Spinnaker Applications" button, as shown in the below image.

When you click on this button, the latest dump of all Spinnaker applications and its associated properties are imported to OES. Hence whenever you make any changes in the applications on Spinnaker, you need to "manually" sync them with OES using this button.

After clicking on the button, the sync icon on the button changes to this.

This icon on the button indicates that the application sync activity is in progress. Upon successful sync of all the applications from Spinnaker the icon would change back to its original sync icon.

Note: For the Sync Spinnaker Applications to work, you have to provide the Spinnaker URL at the time of installation. You also need to log in to that Spinnaker instance from the browser. This enables OES to pick up the Spinnaker information from the browser cookies and it will use those credentials for the URL which you have configured and connect to Spinnaker.

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