Controller and Agent Changes for 4.1.7

To configure the controller and agent changes for ISD-Argo v4.1.7, follow the steps given below:


  • Install latest 4.1.7 images.

  • Controller token.

To create controller token follow the steps provided in this link: Token-Generation-And-Rotation.

Configuration changes

The configuration changes need to be made as given below:

1. Create ingress

Create an ingress using a yaml file as shown below:

kind: Ingress
  name: tcb-ingress  
  annotations: letsencrypt-prod-argocd #update the value accordingly 'true' nginx GRPC 'true'
    - hosts:
        - #update the value accordingly
      secretName: controller-secret-tls-grpc #update the value accordingly
    - host:  #update the value accordingly
          - path: /
            pathType: Prefix
                name: agent-grpc  #update the value accordingly
                  number: 9001

2. Edit agent-grpc service

Update the agent-grpc service type to ClusterIP as shown below:

  type: ClusterIP 

3. Controller configmap changes:

Make the following changes in the configmap:

  1. Replace the agentHostname, and remoteCommandHostname with the newly created ingress.

  2. Add data.configFile.agentAdvertisePort: 443 to the configmap (omit this step if it is already available).

  3. Restart the controller pod once the configmap changes are done.

Follow the steps given below to upgrade the existing agents.

  • Go to Setup > CD integrations.

  • Edit the existing CD integrations.

  • Save the existing CD integrations (This action will refresh the agent-manifest.yaml file)

  • Download the agent-manifest file.

  • Add the Argo CD token in the downloaded file.

  • Run the following command to replace the old agent-manifest with new agent-manifest file.

kubectl replace --force -f <newly generated manifest file name> -n <namepace of argocd>

Repeat the above steps for all the existing agents.

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