Add a Stage

The first stage of any pipeline is the Configuration stage in which you can add a stage and set up the parameters. Follow the steps below to add the first stage.

  1. Click on “add stage”: Once you created a new pipeline, Click "Add Stage" button. The add stage button is just under the diagrammatic representation of your pipeline. When you click this button, you can select many different types of stages that Spinnaker natively supports.

2. Add a Bake stage: Select “Bake(Manifest)” stage from the drop down menu. Baking an artifact allows you to use this artifact later in your spinnaker pipeline, without having to define its parameters.

3. Configure Bake(Manifest): Select the Render engine from the drop down and provide the required details and then click "Save Changes" as shown in the image below.

4. As mentioned before, a pipeline is a set of stages that are bound in a particular sequence. If the stage you’re adding is not the first stage, then this stage should be added after some existing stage. Hence, we use the "Depends On" field to set this stage's dependency on the required upstream stage(s).

You can add as many stages in the pipeline as needed, in any order, as per your requirement. Next, we'll look at how to add a trigger.

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