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OpsMx Enterprise for Argo(OEA)

OpsMx Enterprise for Argo(OEA) enables you to Implement GitOps with enhanced capabilities for hassle-free deployments into Kubernetes without conceding security and speed.
The key benefits you would see as a result of using OEA are as follows:
  • Improved Reliability and Stability
  • Improved Release Velocity
  • Developer friendly UI
  • Instant rollbacks
  • Audit Trails for Review and Triage
  • Policy enforcement of security logic

OEA Features

The following are the different features of “OpsMx Enterprise for Argo”.
  • Best Practices as standard compliance: Best Practices have been enforced in OEA as a standard security practice.
  • Continuous Security and Governance: Fully automated risk assessments and diagnosis for reduced triage time.
  • Automated Advanced Delivery Strategies: Canary and Blue-Green deployment strategies pre-configured for your Argo rollouts.
  • Self-Service Developer Experience: Easy GUI for quick setup and configurations.
  • Granular Visibility with Production Telemetry: Insightful data to gauge stability and performance of latest releases in a single dashboard.
  • Autonomous Team Workspaces with Decentralized Control: RBAC for enterprise scaling.
  • Vulnerability Fixes: Patches before the community.
  • Integrated Secrets Management: Multipole backend secrets providers and secrets management for deployed apps.