Group Permissions

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Upon creating an application & its corresponding services, you may want to secure your application so that only authorized user groups can access your application. Goto the "Group Permissions" wizard to manage application level permissions, as shown in the figure below.

Application permissions can be managed at a "user groups" level. Permissions cannot be granted to individual members. To provide an access to a particular team member, you need to identify the user groups to which this team member is a part of, and provide necessary permissions to this user group.

As shown in the figure above, you can do the following on this wizard.

  • Click on the checkbox "Enable all access to all the groups for this Application", to provide all kinds of access (read, write, execute) to all the user groups in the LDAP (or the authentication tool you are using). By default it is enabled, which means, by default any new application you create will have all access types to all the user groups available in the authentication tool you are using.

  • To provide restricted access to a selected set of user groups, then click on "Select Group" dropdown, select the group name and enable the kind of access (read, write, execute) you want to provide to that group.

  • You can create multiple rows of access permissions for different groups which has different access restrictions by clicking on the "+" symbol.

As shown in the figure below, there is one group "rwxgroup" which has read, write & execute permissions, whereas there are two groups "rxgroup & spin-rxgroup" which has only read & execute permissions respectively.

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