With Autopilot you get:

  1. Automated Verification: Reduce software risks by analysing logs and metrics at every stage of CI/CD process. Determine the risk of every update before deploying to production. Automatically analyse data from dynamic and static scans, functional tests, metrics, and logs to identify and highlight anomalies that should be considered before approval.

  2. Continuous Governance and Security: Mitigate risk and vulnerabilities by security and policy enforcement in software delivery pipelines. Provides comprehensive policy enforcement through an extensible policy engine that ensures compliance to industry standards and organizational policies while securely shipping your releases faster to production.

  3. Automated Approvals: Make faster and informed decisions to approve a delivery pipeline by 360° visibility of your CI/CD process. Perform informed application approval or promotion between different stages of software delivery (from QA to Staging & from staging to Production) through real-time information about the release, including source code changes, build information, source code analysis, SAST/DAST tool analysis, risk verifications, and policy checks.

  4. Observability, Traceability and Insights: Collaborate more and make better decisions using real-time visibility and deep insights across your software deployments and delivery. Supports real-time Observability with respect to deployments and pipeline execution and traceability for all software delivery events, including what is getting delivered, who approved the release, and when it was approved.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase business velocity and continuity by reducing risks and errors in new software releases by upto 50%

  • Reduce MTTI and MTTR through the continuous deployment of releases.

  • Reduce product failures by 3x with risk assessment during blue-green deployment or canary releases

  • Ensure reliability and sustainability of updates to production

  • Eliminate dependency on experts and save 3-4 hours per verification Increase collaboration among DevOps and infrastructure teams

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