Safe-Deployment strategies

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OES allows you to safely and consistently deploy applications in Kubernetes with built-in, ready-to-use deployment strategies such as Blue-Green, Canary, A/B, and Rolling Update. OES treats Kubernetes as first-class citizens and supports Kubernetes resources and operators for custom strategies.

  1. Canary and Blue-Green Deployment: Avoid production downtime and mitigate risk of introducing new software by using in-built strategies like Canary and Blue-Green deployments. OES has native istio support, which makes traffic splitting between various kubernetes pods such as baseline and canary.

  2. Custom Stages for Verification: OES allows DevOps managers to create custom stages in the deployment pipeline for verifying performance and quality of new software release in the production.

  3. Rollback: In case of any regression, OES can notify stakeholders like SRE who can automatically rollback to the previous version with a single click to avoid degradation of customer experience.

  4. Approvals Gates: DevOps managers can use the manual judgement stage in the pipeline where release managers can go through aggregated information to approve or reject deployment pipeline progression.

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