Upgrade Additional Argo from v4.1.1 to v4.1.2

This document describes how to upgrade Additional Argo(Argo CD and Argo Rollouts) from v4.1.1 to v4.1.2 on a Kubernetes cluster.

Following are the sequence of activities to perform the upgrade.

  • Pre-requisites

  • Cloning the Repo and update values file

  • Helm upgrade

  • Post Installation Steps

  • If an upgrade fails


  • Users need to have access to the Kubernetes Cluster and namespace where Additional Argo(Argo CD,Argo Rollouts) are running i.e v4.1.1 is running.

  • Users need to have access to Github and be able to clone enterprise-argo repo.

Cloning the Repo and update values file:

  1. Clone the enterprise-argo repo by using the below command:

    git clone https://github.com/OpsMx/enterprise-argo.git
  2. You need to use argocd-rollouts-values.yaml file for upgrading to v4.1.2. Update the argocd-rollouts-values.yaml file with specifically ArgoCD URL, Argo Rollouts URL by using the below commands.

    sed -i "s/ARGO.REPLACE.THIS.WITH.YOURCOMPANY.COM/<Provide your Argo CD url here>/g" argocd-rollouts-values.yaml

    sed -i "s/ROLLOUTS.REPLACE.THIS.WITH.YOURCOMPANY.COM/<Provide your Argo rollouts url here>/g" argocd-rollouts-values.yaml

Full values.yaml is available at: https://github.com/OpsMx/enterprise-argo/blob/main/charts/isdargo/values.yaml. If you need any additional clarifications with respect to values.yaml for installation, please contact OpsMx support.

Helm upgrade

Go to the cloned repo, For eg: cd enterprise-argo and execute the below command:

helm upgrade <release name> charts/isdargo/ -f charts/isdargo/argocd-rollouts-values.yaml -n <namespace> --timeout=10m --debug

Wait for 10 minutes till the helm upgrade completes.

helm upgrade <release name> charts/isdargo/ -f charts/isdargo/argocd-rollouts-values.yaml -n <namespace> --timeout=10m --debug
Release "<release name>" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
NAME: <release name>
LAST DEPLOYED: Mon Feb  6 19:40:34 2023
NAMESPACE: <namespace>
STATUS: deployed

Post Installation Steps

  1. Login to Argo CD UI and check whether the Argo CD Version is updated on the left side of pannel.

  2. Please check if all the applications are reflecting in Argo CD.

If an upgrade fails

If anything goes wrong during upgrade, please Rollback to the previous version using the below command:

helm rollback <release name> -n <namespace> <version number>

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