SAML Authorization for Spinnaker

SAML Auth Overview

  • SAML use case is a special one - it’s the only one where a user’s roles cannot be dynamically updated. This is because the user’s roles are sent in the initial authentication handshake between Gate and the SAML Identity Provider (IdP).

Setup IdP on Spinnaker

  • To enable SAML roles, configure IdP to include group membership in the assertion (not covered

  • some providers may not offer this option). By default, Gate looks for the 'memberOf' attribute statement, but this can be reconfigured in Gate’s settings.

  • When Fiat is enabled, SAML groups are automatically pushed to Fiat upon user login and cannot be updated until the user needs to reauthenticate.

SAML Auth Configuration

  • The Advantage of using SAML roles, is that the user roles are pushed to fiat automatically. Hence, no further configurational changes are required.

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