OES 3.4.X Release Notes

This Version is deprecated

The below versions are deprecated.

Version 3.4 (04th January 2021)

New Features

  • OPA as a policy data source.

  • x509 authentication to Spinnaker.

  • Integration tab added to System setup to add and edit data source.

  • Improved UI for maintaining data sources.

  • New user experience on the visibility gate.

Fixed Issues

  • Java - Adding analysis comment for failure cause scenario.

  • Autopilot DB migration from v2.9 to v3.3.

  • Java - Feedback/Comments are coming as null in logData API after reclassification completes.

  • While reclassifying IGNORE to ERROR or WARN, the reclassification history is showing as INFO ---ERROR instead of IGNORE --ERROR.

  • JAVA - If we manually Edited log template custom topic and reclassify the same cluster then changes are not effecting into the Log Template page.

  • When we add two metrics to the metric template (one is having data and the other is having no data) we are seeing failure for service.

  • Reclassified (cluster) tags are not updated in edit log templates.

  • Java - Deployment verification - seeing Debug log lines as clusters in the unexpected tab.

  • The log and metrics template used in deployment can be accessed from summary view.

Known Issues

  • Index pattern field should be mandatory while creating a log template.

  • Deleted service is getting displayed after navigating to another page and coming back.

  • No indication is given when the session is timed out.

  • On the analysis page, search and load a different application (mynewapplication). The new app is loaded but the URL remains at deploymentverification.

  • Bubbles are not displayed in the All tab in the Log Analysis screen.

  • Release Manager - Release fails when a different tag is used compared to the previously passed release.

  • Create Application: At Least one service should be configured with ‘Release Management’ feature to add Environment variables.

  • If the log template custom topic is edited manually and reclassified as the same cluster then changes are not effecting into the Log Template page.

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