ISD Service Catalogue

Spinnaker is composed of a number of independent microservices.

List of Spinnaker Services:

  • spinnaker-halyard : is Spinnaker’s configuration service

  • spin-deck: is the browser-based UI

  • spin-gate: is the API gateway

  • spin-orca: the orchestration engine for executing pipelines. It handles all ad-hoc operations and pipelines

  • spin-clouddriver: responsible for all mutating calls to the cloud providers, docker and git-repos

  • spin-front50: is used to persist the metadata of applications, pipelines, projects

  • spin-rosco: The bakery that produces immutable VM images (or image templates) for various clouds.

  • spin-igor: is used to trigger pipelines

  • spin-echo: is Spinnaker’s eventing bus for sending notifications

  • Fiat: is Spinnaker’s authorization service. If RBAC is enabled, other services call Fiat to check if an operation is permitted or not

List of Autopilot Services:

  • Agent-grpc : Used by agents to connect to the controller, used to communicate with controller

  • Oes-db: Postgres database used to store the ISD data

  • Oes-autopilot: For analysis of logs/metrics

  • Oes-dashboard: Used to display the dashboard in ISD UI

  • Oes-gate: is the API gateway of ISD Oes-platform: Used for saving data integrators, cloud provider accounts etc.

  • Oes-sapor: Used for connecting to spinnaker and OPA

  • Oes-ui: Main UI of ISD

  • Oes-visibility: Used for approval/visibility gate

  • Oes310-minio: Used by spinnaker and data science for storing data.

  • Oes310-openldap: Used for open-ldap authentication.

  • Oes310-redis-headless: Not used

  • Oes310-redis-master: Used for caching purposes (gate, orca, clouddriver among others)

  • Oes310-spinnaker-halyard: Used to connect to spinnaker (apply config changes etc)

  • Opa: Is the policy engine

  • Opsmx-controller-controller1: Primary service to support agent communication with the rest of the services

  • opsmx-controller-controller1-interproc: Not currently used

  • Sapor-gate: Used by oes-sapor to connect to a spinnaker services when 2FA or SAML is used.

  • Oes-audit-client: Used to retrieve the audit data to display in the UI. Available in ISD 3.10

  • Oes-audit-service: Used to save the audit data. Available in ISD 3.10

  • Oes-datascience: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engine of logs & metrics. Available in ISD 3.10

  • Rabbitmq-service: Tuning service used in oes data science for asynchronous operations/analysis. Available in ISD 3.10

List of Jobs

  • Create-controller-secret: This job creates ca-secret, oes-cacerts, jwt-secret and command-secret. These secrets and certs are used for Secure communication between agent and controller.

  • Oes-config: This job attempts automatic configuration of Autopilot-Spinnaker communications at install time. If it fails, this needs to be done manually.

  • oes310-create-sample-app: Used to create sample applications from a git-repo in the spinnaker at the install time. If this fails, one can manually do it by following the instructions given here.

  • Oes310-install-using-hal: This is part of the Spinnaker installation.

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