Travis CI

Steps to Setup Travis CI for Spinnaker

  • Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub.

  • Using this CI system on Spinnaker, lets you trigger pipelines with Travis, or add a Travis stage to a pipeline.


  • You need a Travis user with an API access token so that you get only the repos you should see.

  • That user needs adequate access in GitHub to trigger builds.

Enable Travis CI Master for Spinnaker:

  • Execute the following command to Enable Travis CI

        hal config ci travis enable
  • Turn on Travis Stage feature, by executing the following command

        hal config features edit --travis true
  • To add Travis CI master named my-travis-master, to spinnaker execute the below command

        hal config ci travis master add my-travis-master \
        --address \
        --base-url \
        --github-token <token> \ # The GitHub token to authenticate to Travis
        --number-of-repositories # How many repos the integration should fetch each
        # time the poller runs, higher than max expected
        # during polling interval

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