Create a Pipeline

A pipeline is a series of sequential steps that are performed as part of a ISD application. ISD has a host of pre-built stages which you can use to perform fairly complex tasks.

Create Pipeline

While we have guides to run specific tasks, here we are going to create a basic pipeline with a Wait stage. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. From the ISD application dashboard, click the application for which you want to create a pipeline. It will redirect you to the pipelines page.

2. Click the Create pipeline or Strategy icon as shown in the image below. The Create New Pipeline dialog box appears.

3. Select the Pipeline type from the Type drop-down, enter the Pipeline Name and click Create as shown below:

4. New pipeline is created and is displayed as shown. You can view the pipelines you have within the application which allow you to either build a new pipeline or configure an existing one. You also can run the selected pipeline here and add a stage to it.

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