Choose your Environment

Based on your use case, choose how you want to install Spinnaker

Where Should Spinnaker be Installed?

Now it is time to configure the environment in which Spinnaker will be installed. In this step, you tell Halyard the environment where you want to install Spinnaker. The three distinct environments are as follows:

Local Git installation from GitHub: You can also install Local Git from GitHub. This is suggested if you want to contribute to Spinnaker. For more details click here.

Local installation of Debian packages: This type of installation is best for small Spinnaker deployments. Spinnaker is currently hosted on a single machine, but it will be unavailable once it is updated. For more details click here.

Distributed installation on Kubernetes: Halyard deploys each of Spinnaker's microservices separately in this environment. Highly recommend this for use in production.

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