Configure cloud provider

The next step is to select and configure the cloud platforms where you want to deploy the applications. Supported providers are as follows:

  • App Engine

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Azure

  • Cloud Foundry

  • DC/OS

  • Google Compute Engine

  • Kubernetes

  • Oracle

You must first set up the cloud provider for the environment. We'll use Kubernetes in this example. After that, you'll need to add a Spinnaker account.

Configure Kubernetes:


  • A kubeconfig file: The kubeconfig file authenticates Spinnaker against the cluster. After authentication, read/write access to the resources is granted.

  • kubectl CLI tool: Spinnaker depends on kubectl to manage all API access. Along with Spinnaker, it's installed.

Adding an Account:

A Spinnaker account always maps to the credential that authenticates the Kubernetes cluster.

Follow the steps below to add an account:

  1. First, enable the provider using the command below:

    hal config provider kubernetes enable
  2. Add the account using the command below:

    CONTEXT=$(kubectl config current-context)
    hal config provider kubernetes account add my-k8s-account \
     --context $CONTEXT

Refer to the image below (This image is only an example).

In the hal config file it will be updated as shown in the image below:

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